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Our People

We work together, we pick grapes together, we queue at the photocopier & coffee machine, we taste new wines & food match them, we do the 5 minute quiz together, we eat lunch together, hit the table tennis on breaks, make coffee for each other, challenge & support each other, and at times we drive each other up the wall!
At the end of the day we are like a family, love and hate but always for the cause ~ Hotel California Clearview Estate. We are a close knit bunch, often changing hats or wearing a few at one time.  One thing that is certain, we are all bound by a commonality that is a desire to produce a great product, be it wine, food, sales or service.
The wonderful thing about being a part of Clearview Estate is that you are always supported in your out-of-work interests, it is understood that you are human, with passions and hobbies and above all a life of your own.  Having this nurtured and acknowledged by our peers adds that little bit extra that you need in your day.
You begin life at Clearview Estate choosing one role, but slowly and naturally you morph into a role that chooses you. Just as our roles can be hats, they can also be gloves, once you find the right one it fits perfectly!  It is the unique and colourfull people who work for Clearview Estate that make the company special.  We would like you to meet them all…         

Tim Turvey
& Founder         
& Founder            

Matt Kirby
Assistant Winemaker
Charles Gear
General Manager
Sales & Marketing
Teresa Thorn
Lisa Clarke
Lead Account Manager
- North Island
(up to Hamilton)
Account Manager
- Auckland & Hamilton Region   
Annika Bennett
Account Manager - Nelson Area 
Kim Alebardi
Trade Sales Support            & Accounts


Peter Hallgarth
Head Chef
Sous Chef
Sabrina Faes
Pastry Chef

Restaurant & Accommodation Manager
Restaurant & Events Manager 
Dianne Park
Cellar Door 
Cellar Door

Bernie Kelly
Cellar Door
Grant Houston
Vineyard Foreman
Peter Gillott
Dispatch Manager

Bernie Kelly
Groundsman Gardener

Bella on horse Nina

Ziva Bella on Nina Triga RIP Billy