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In all aspects of our business Clearview Estate Winery & Clearview Estate Red Shed Restaurant seek to reduce the impact we have upon our environment, helping to preserve it for future generations.
Our restaurant, vineyard and winery are constantly working towards increased sustainability. Our vineyard team work with Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand (SWNZ) to reduce the impacts of viticulture on our environment.
Making wine from grapes that have been grown sustainably, as Clearview Estate has for a quarter of a century, has a cyclical life pattern to it. At the beginning stages of the winter cycle we prune back the apparently ‘dead’ vines to encourage the new life, and hopefully, fruit, which arrives in the spring. One of the joys of working these cycles is to appreciate first hand the seasonal variations and rhythms which are older than other civilisations and which so influence our lives.
In our restaurant we take many measures to reduce our impact upon the environment; we buy products locally, recycle, give food scraps to the local pig farmer, compost our organic wastes, mulch our gardens to maintain moisture and suppress weed growth. Our restaurant has received accreditation from Qualmark and our business has attained Qualmark’s enviro rating.
We hope you leave Clearview Estate Winery & Clearview Estate Red Shed Restaurant knowing that you have helped us maintain our beautiful piece of Hawke's Bay for future generations.
If you have any queries regarding our sustainability please email us.
Click here to find out more information on SWNZ.